SUBHITAHA is a unisex modestwear line.
the brand is fully guided by the concept of modesty, a faith-inspired concept. one that encourages the idea that we are not defined by objects like our money, our house, or even our body. rather we are defined by what's in our head. our mind. that's what defines us.

the garments aren't intended to accentuate or sexualize the human body, similar to clothing seen throughout history in traditional clothing from all over the world. because of that, tradition has become a massive source of inspiration, with traditional clothing being one of the first form of modest fashion.

we design minimal, timeless pieces that don't follow the seasonal fashion approach. hence why we release collection #_, not fall or spring—similar to the slow fashion movement. our designs are to be worn whenever you want, not restricted by time. which is why quality is so important to us, the physical garment needs to be as timeless as the design itself. for that, our pieces are individually handmade locally. cut & sewn to order. 

 watch brand video below