i have a question.
hit us up—info@subhitaha.com. we're here to help! we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

how are the garments priced?
a whole lot less than tradition retail markup which is around 5x the production cost. we markup a way less than that, & we're up front about it—under each product is a 'know your costs' chart showing y'all exactly much it costs us to produce each piece, & how much we charge vs how much traditional retail charges. if we could lower the prices even more we seriously would, but we gotta make some money...c'mon.

what is the white cotton material in the tops?
our tops are 100% cotton. most common tops are made of a polyester-blend which is cheaper and less prone to wrinkling. however, cotton is a higher quality material with a longer lifespan than poly-blend, and quality is #1 for us so we went with the cotton. yes, it might wrinkle, but it'll definitely stay by your side for the long run. 

is international shipping offered?
it is. they’re shipped via USPS First Class mail, delivery time varies by country. click here for rates. please note delivery dates cannot be guaranteed & we are not responsible for packages that are lost or damaged in transit as packages cannot be tracked once they leave the us. so please make sure your shipping address is 100% correct.

can you rush ship my order?
contact us before you order and we can see. we'll respond within 48 hours. do keep in mind that 4–8 days is required to produce the garment. once production is complete we can try our best to expedite it over (shipping costs will go up a whole lot though...keep that in mind fam).

how long will it take to receive my order?
once your order has been processed, we ask for 2 weeks for your item to be made and shipped. you'll receive an email when you submit your order & another when the shipment is sent out. US delivery times range from 2-3 days, international orders vary by country & cannot be guaranteed an exact delivery date. click here for more info on the ordering process.

why is everything one-size fits all?
the draped fit, inspired from traditional clothing, is one of the main sources of inspiration for the brand. in order to achieve that look, the garments are designed much larger than the typical top piece. the width of our pieces are around 60 inches around the chest (XL mens is around 52in around), which fits most men’s & women’s bodies. the sleeves are also made long to enable the wearer to roll and press the sleeves to a length they like. the fact that the pieces aren’t designed by size further pushes that brand’s belief that it’s not about finding clothes that make your body ‘look better,’ rather clothes that are simply there to cover the body.

i feel like the fit won’t be flattering for my body type.
it’s not supposed to be flattering. It’s not supposed to make you look slimmer or bigger, or whatever it is you’re looking for. it’s simply intended to cover. it's intended to redirect your confidence to your mind, not your body. we don't believe in worrying about how it looks to other people, if you want to wear it—wear it. own it.

why are the garments made-to-order?
quality is crucial to the brand. these are pieces we want to last for years. a crazy amount of research was done on the typical mass-produced clothing overseas route, but we weren’t really sold on it. quality of the clothing is put at high risk that way. we decided to take the local approach, where we have complete control over quality and can ensure the garment you buy isn’t gonna fall apart once it touches water.

will all designs always be available for purchase?
we don’t follow the seasonal approach to fashion. we don’t like the concept of ‘that’s from last season...’ that’s why we release as collections and not fall/winter or spring/summer. these are timeless & season-less garments that can be worn...whenever you want. so long as we have stock for the materials, most of our collections will be up on our online shop. if not, hit us up—we’ll see what we can do.

can i return or exchange an item purchased?
as each garment is made-to-order, we cannot accept returns or exchanges. 
the goal is for you to love your purchase, so feel free to contact with any questions you have before ordering, glad to help in any way.

can i cancel or change my order after it’s placed?
once your garments has started in production—it cannot be changed. but contact us asap and if it hasn’t started, we’ll definitely try to help you out.